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The Waltham Dual Language PTO is always looking for volunteers to help out.  Volunteering can take many forms, including:

  • Organizing or helping out at an event

  • Translating flyers or newsletters

  • Baking treats for teachers or our bake sale

  • Participating in meetings, including translation

If you are interested in helping out at school, there are several ways to do that, including chaperoning field trips, assisting in the library and helping out with school events such as Field Day.  In order to help out during the day with the children, volunteers need to have an active CORI check.  Please contact the school office to fill out the form and go through the process.


Equity & Inclusion

Equity and inclusion is something that the WDL community values and strives to achieve.

The Equity and Inclusion committee is a group made up of parents and teachers who are dedicated to finding ways for people to engage in discourse around race and inequity.

The group meets regularly, separately from the PTO.  They have sponsored various events such as a book club, a monthly language exchange, and a forum on how to speak with children about racism.

Stay in Touch


Ask your teacher for the code

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