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DLS Loves Word Play!

For the second year in a row, Dual Language kindergarten students experienced the magic of live theater right in school. Waltham puppet artist Sarah Nolen of Puppet Motion Co and her talented team brought a whole new meaning to the term "Word Play". This dynamic performance used clowning and puppetry to take audiences on an adventure through the alphabet. Words came to life in the hands of skilled performers, who clowned around with sounds and letters to create dozens of interactive characters and imaginative scenes. Audiences made friends with vowels, taught tricks to a “C-A-T” and “D-O-G,” and visited a whole ZOO full of surprises. It was the perfect blend of education and entertainment—a play on words, literally!

This year, thanks to funds generously provided by the Mass Cultural Council as well as the Dual Language PTO, our kindergarten drama students also had the opportunity to work with Ms. Sarah Nolen and her letter puppets during their weekly drama classes. Throughout the month of March, students learned the basics of what it takes to bring the letter puppets to life onstage through a series of games, activites, and even puppet obstacle courses! We are so grateful for community partners like Sarah, Harry and Paul (puppet actors and musicians pictured) who returned for another year to give our youngest drama students such a memorable theater experience. We're glad to be able to build on this tradition with the puppet letter workshop, where students were able to build not only their academic literacy skills, but also their social and emotional literacy skills, by expressing their feelings and personalities through their puppets onstage. Bravo!


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