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Springing into Spring at Davis Farm

Updated: Apr 26

On May 10th, the 2nd grade headed westward to Sterling, MA to visit Davis Farmland Discovery Farm. Initially started over 70 years ago as a farm by George Davis, the Davis family expanded the site to build a petting zoo in 1990, which grew into a sanctuary for endangered or heritage livestock in North America. Davis Farmland currently houses over 100 breeds of farm animals, including Highland Cattle, Poitou Donkey, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, alpacas, and camels. The 2nd graders saw many of these animals exploring the farm, including on their hayride around the fields. The students were greeted by lambs and baby goats, a sure sign of spring! In addition to learning more about these heritage farm animals, the children also explored the Dig for Dino bones center, rode the 80 foot Cow-A-Bunga Super Slide, and jumped high on the Jumbo Jump Pad. The beautiful weather was the perfecte compliment to the fun-filled day!


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