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Teacher Appreciation - 2024 Edition

Last week, DLS celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week!

To the teachers at the Dual Language School - thank you for your endless energy, dedication and support of our children. Your influence on our children cannot be underestimated. The community you create within your classrooms and across the school provide a sense of connection and have helped build Dual Language into the school it is today.

Thanks to our generous families and community contributions, teachers and staff had something to look forward to on a daily basis, including a staff bathroom refresh!

Raffle winners:


Ms. Hoffman - Oriental Reflexology gift card (DeJoannis family)

Ms. Argueta - Henry Bear's Park $50 gift card

Ms. Ramos - Shirt

Ms. Chacon - Paddy's/Ohara's gift card


Ms. Hoffman - Hair care prize

Ms. Dubin - Mug and DD gift card

Ms. Argueta - Amuleto

Ms. Caruso - Year of Nothing Bundt Cakes


Ms. Pacheco - Mug and DD gift card

Ms. Rodriguez - Shirt

Ms. Ponce - Spices and Star Market gift card

Ms. Reynolds - Chateau gift card


Ms. McAuliffe - Tea Gift

Ms. Saucedo - Mug and DD gift card

Ms. Chalita - Year of Nothing Bundt Cakes

Mr. Carco - Tempo gift card


Ms. DePaoli - Mug and DD gift card

Ms. Webber - Mug and DD gift Card.

Ms. Kelley - shirt

Nurse Mandy - Tea gift

Ms. Pratt - Gustazo gift card

Mr. MacLeod - A-List Detailing gift card

Ms. Morrison - Rose Bath set

Food and supplies:

Common Good Co. (drink card donations), Paisanos (for an amazing lunch that teachers said they ate for 3 days!), Desiree Phillips, Jordanna Mora, Gloria Mils, Maureen Connoly, Kyle Meingast, Angelica Stone, Susy Zepeda, Tammy Wong Bigelow, Carla Gonzalez, Jessica Stamper, Erin Farrell, Sarita Spillart, Corinne Lofchie, Paola Ramirez, Yuen Kwan, Brooks Family, Amy Esposito, Dumanski Family

Amazon wishlist:

Leach Family, Beery Adam Jimenez, Jennie LeBlanc, Janna Kook, Chloe Welch, Dolgin Family, Sabrina DeJoannis, Desiree Phillips and anyone else who purchased off the wishlist! Several packages arrives without names!

Handymen who worked in the staff room:

Steve & Maureen, Jason DeJoannis, Sarah Dumanski

Balloon and festive environment:

Marisol Bonilla. Maureen Connolly and Sarah Dumanski

Special thanks to Maureen Connolly and Sarah Dumanski for their organization of this week!!


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